Checklist: Questions to ask your client before you create a Company Store or Pop-Up Store

Whether it’s a company store or a pop-up store, the best promo distributors understand aligning with their clients on their goals before creating a store will save time and headaches in the long run. Promo distributors that want to grow their business will make sure they’re on the same page with their client before jumping into company store software or working with an agency to build them a custom company store.

Use this checklist (or the editable PDF version) to align with your client on what success looks like for their branded store!


Who will shop on the website?  Is this store open to anyone or a specific group of people? 

  • Company employees
  • Sports teams and fans
  • School students and staff
  • Club or organization members
  • Event attendees
  • Anyone and everyone!
  • Other

Other Considerations
Does access to the website need to be restricted, so only certain people can purchase branded merch?

Objective & Goals

How will you know the online promo store is successful?  What is the purpose of the website?  You can have more than one objective, but try to narrow it down to your top two.

  • Employee engagement, appreciation, or retention
  • Client engagement, appreciation, or retention
  • Unified branding initiatives – re-branding, franchise uniforms, etc.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Fundraising and charitable causes
  • Make ordering easier for HR & Marketing teams
  • Post-event engagement
  • Other

Order Volume & Value

What’s the total impact of the program?

  • How many orders will be placed per day or per month?
  • What is the average order value? 
  • Will several items be ordered at a time – or just one?


Is this a store with an end in sight, or is it an ongoing initiative?

  • In-hands date: _________________
  • 1-3 Months
  • 3-6 Months
  • 6-12 Months
  • 12+ Months

Product Selection

How many products do you want to offer?

  • 1-3
  • 3-6
  • 6-10
  • 10-20

What type of products do you want to offer?

  • High-end, luxury
  • Economical, lower price
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Themed (i.e. seasonal, office)
  • Clothing assortment
  • Other

How often do you want to add new products?

  • Never
  • Monthly
  • Twice a year
  • Annually

What level of customization can shoppers request on their products?

  • No customization
  • Some customizations (1-2 custom decoration areas)
  • Highly customized (3+ decoration areas)

Look & Feel

>> Looking for example company store designs? Check these out!

What feelings do you want to elicit from the graphics and messaging in your store?

  • Generosity
  • Community
  • Team spirit
  • Excitement
  • Brand loyalty

Which type of product photography do you prefer?

  • Lifestyle
  • Stock photos

What elements are included in your brand guidelines?

  • Brand colors
  • Logo variations
  • Iconography

Geographical Considerations

What currencies will you offer?

  • USD
  • CAD
  • Other

What languages are supported?

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Other


What payment method(s) will be available at checkout? 

  • Credit card
  • Redemption code
  • Points programs
  • Redemption codes and credit cards
  • Other


As orders are placed, where will they be shipped?

  • A single location, like an office or event
  • Multiple addresses

Will orders be fulfilled on-demand or all at once?

  • On-demand
  • One order

Are there any other special instructions for delivery?

  • Kit multiple items together
  • Custom unboxing experience
  • Branded packaging


Before promo distributors build a website for their client, they should make sure they’re on the same page so everyone agrees on what success looks like! Capturing objectives and goals up front will set both teams up for a strong long-term partnership and will position promo distributors as a trusted advisor that provides greater value than their competitors.

Want an interactive PDF of the checklist to talk through with your client before building an online promo store? Download your copy below.