Promo Power Couple Passes Savings to their Clients & Retirement Fund 

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Bill and his wife, Becky, have been running their promo business as a side hustle for 18 years. They both have full-time jobs, but use their side hustle as a means to retire early on the beach. Over the years, they have used several different solutions to source products and manage orders.  

Bill was used to using order management systems that had a lot of advanced functions, but they cost him a fortune. Not to mention, he and Becky did not have the time to spend on extra steps that were designed with large suppliers in mind.  

Plus, they were still using Word doc templates to send client quotes, which was already labor intensive. They knew a simplified, cost-effective option had to exist, but feared changing systems could disrupt current workflow, and they didn’t have extra time to spend learning a new product.  


Due to the high cost of their current order management system, Bill and Becky were not always able to offer the lowest prices to their clients. Longtime accounts were starting to leave for distributors with more competitive pricing, and they were noticing a drop in new business. Sales were starting to quickly decline as was Bill and Becky’s dream of retiring early on the beach.   

If they wanted to take back their business and their dream, Bill and Becky knew they needed to make a change. If they wanted to turn their business around, they would need to find a new order management system that is:   

  • Cost effective – Savings could be passed along to their clients 
  • Simple – Easy to use and tailored to small distributors’ needs  
  • Functional – Can easily be used alongside their current systems like Quickbooks 


Bill and Becky made the move to Commercio Orders because it was designed specifically for small distributors. With Commercio Orders, they were able to: 

  • Access EQP for thousands of products by top suppliers in the industry 
  • Reduce overhead costs by cutting spend on unnecessary technology  
  • Pass along cost savings to their clients 
  • Eliminate distractions caused by unused bells and whistles that were intended for large distributors 


After implementing Commercio Orders, Bill and Becky have:  

  • Increased margins through special pricing and reduced overhead spend on unused technology 
  • Regained their competitive edge through lower pricing and savings they could pass along to clients 
  • Onboard clients quickly and limit distractions by eliminating unused bells and whistles intended for large distributors 
  • Take on new clients, increasing their customer base, through increased efficiencies in workflow 

With their business back on track, Bill and Becky booked a trip with the savings they gained by subscribing to Commercio Orders and will be exploring retirement destinations in the Caribbean.     

How much would you save?