4 Tips to Build Company Stores for Promotional Product Distributors 

Want to build promotional product company stores for your client, but not sure where to start?  These tips will ensure your company promo store look and function like custom company stores your clients never even dreamed (hello client referrals 😉)!  

1. Incorporate branded lifestyle photos 

Using branded lifestyle photos in banners and in product photos – instead of solely stock photos – will help your client better envision their employees, team, or eventgoers wearing their brand and the value it will bring to them.  Even better, ask your client for high-quality photos from their internal teams and use their employees or organization members as the models for the website.  Saving stock photos and adding them to the website is something your client could get from any basic promotional product company store.  You want your clients feeling like they invested in a custom company store. 

This example company store does a great job of highlighting what the brand will look like in the wild!  

Company Store

2. Write product descriptions that articulate value and emotion

Don’t use stiff product descriptions on company stores.  You know, the descriptions that come out of the box from suppliers that everyone copies and pastes?  They’re usually a bulleted list of every single material and specification of the product. Your client (most likely) doesn’t care if a jacket zipper is made of polycarbonblendedwhatchamacallit or if it’s made from pure gold. Okay maybe they do if they’re really particular. But they probably care more that the jacket is high-quality, eco-friendly, and will keep their employees warm while they’re enjoying the outdoors with their families for years to come.  Paint that picture in your sales pitch and then incorporate it into the details of the company store itself, including the product description. 

3. Make ordering as easy as possible

This is especially important for your clients with larger organizations.  If your client has several internal stakeholders responsible for approving orders, set them up with order approval notifications that make it easier for them to get orders in front of the right people quickly. This feature automatically sends notifications to people based on rules you set like if a certain dollar amount is exceeded on an order, if someone that reports to Bob submits an order and he has to approve them, etc.  This ensures your clients aren’t chasing people down the hall constantly to get orders approved internally and that they’re confident budgets remain in check.   

4. Proactively reorder items before they run out of stock   

You never know when your client will do a company-wide gift redemption when they’re on their last box of coveted branded Stanley cups.  Getting ahead of these large last-minute orders can save a lot of headaches for both you and your clients. Using company store technology that allows you to set low inventory notifications will help you stay ahead of supply chain issues and position you as a trusted resource for your clients.  In the promotional products industry, a little preparation can go a long way.  


You know your clients best – and you know the promotional products industry best.  So as a promo distributor, it’s your job to bring your expertise to the party for both worlds and make amazing company promo stores your clients will love.  Packing a company store with personality and making it easy for the client to order will make it easier for them to enjoy and continue to see the value. 

Looking for example company stores to share with your clients? Click here!

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